Mapping Mass  1.1 2016  Archival inkjet on cotton rag paper  10.5cm high x 13cm wide 

Mapping Mass 1.1 2016

Archival inkjet on cotton rag paper

10.5cm high x 13cm wide 



Emma Stoneman is an Australian artist who has worked in digital print for over two decades, often blurring the boundaries between printmaking and photography. Her art practice also encompasses inter-disciplinary processes, digital media and installation.

With her artwork strongly grounded in imagery of the built environment, Emma’s printmaking practice is anchored by photography, with images undergoing extensive digital editing and reworking to the point of abstraction. Architectural, industrial and civil structures provide the source material to create a symbolic channel in which to study her subject matter. Emma’s work periodically investigates metaphorical comparisons between the built environment and the structure and function of the human body, whilst at other times she explores and comments on themes of place, the human condition and social issues more broadly. 

Emma obtained a Bachelor of Visual Arts, majoring in Printmaking at the University of Ballarat*. Her minor study area was in photography, which began to infiltrate and co-exist with her printmaking practice. She completed an Honours degree in Printmaking at RMIT University, Melbourne in 1999. Several years later, and largely inspired by the use of architectural imagery in her artwork she undertook additional tertiary study in building design. She is currently employed in an architectural studio and this work informs and influences her artistic practice.

Emma regularly exhibits within Australia. Internationally she has exhibited in countries including Germany, Portugal, Taiwan, Russia and New Zealand. Her work has been commissioned by the Print Council of Australia and has been Highly Commended at the Fremantle Print Award. She is represented in corporate and public collections in Australia including the National Library of Australia, State Library of Victoria, Federation University Australia and Print Council of Australia. Her work is also held in private collections in Australia and overseas.

* now known as Federation University Australia